There are lots of different ways you can approach your time on the Six Foot Track. You can enjoy it is as as a series of day walks, a weekend hike or Inn-to-Inn walk. If you are so inclined, you may want to challenge Ben Artup’s effort in completing the annual 45km Six Foot Track marathon in 3 hours and 15mins. We have outlined a few possible time tables here to help you plan your adventure to best suit the needs of your group. The following suggests some possible itineraries but feel free to mix and match them. Always be prepared to change you plans to suit the weather or needs of you groups when on the track.

If you prefer luxury and would rather sleep in a bed each night check out the inn-to-inn options

Everyone walks at different speeds. The walking times have been calculated in a consistent way and assume that you are fairly fit and carrying a pack. The times give a sense of actual time spent walking, it does not include rest time. Always allow extra time to rest.

Overnight Hikes

The most popular timetable for the Six Foot Track, is the three day overnight hike. There are two main campsites, one on the Cox River and another on Black Range. There is also a more basic, campsite at Alum Creek (near the halfway mark of the walk). You will also find a road side camping area a short side trip from where the Six Foot Track crosses Megalong Road. Consider your accommodation options before and after the walk, you may want to stay at Jenolan Caves or in Katoomba. There are good options at each end, giving you more time to explore.

Two night (three day) Tent camping – Katoomba to Jenolan
Day 1) Explorers Tree to Coxs River: 15km, 6.5 hours Optional luxury – Stay at 6FT Lodge
Day 2) Coxs River to Black Range: 19km, 8.5 hours – all on dirt road, mostly up hill with some very steep sections.
Day 3) Black Range to Jenolan Caves: 10km, 3.5 hours

The No Hurry – steady pace – 4 nights (five day) tent camping
Day 1) Explorers Tree to Old Ford Reserve: 8.7km, 3.5hrs
Day 2) Old Ford Reserve to Coxs River: 8km, 3.5hrs Optional luxury – Stay at 6FT Lodge
Day 3) Cox River to Alum Creek: 6.1km, 2.5hrs
Day 4) Alum Creek to Black Range: 13 km, 6hrs
Day 5) Black Range to Jenolan: 10km, 3.5hrs

Weekend Trip – 1 night (two day) Tent camping
Day 1) Explorers Tree to Alum Creek: 21.8km, 8.75hrs
Day 2) Alum Creek to Jenolan Caves: 23km, 9.5hrs
Day two is a big hard day. You will need an early start and to be fit to get to Jenolan Caves in time for the bus. This option is for fit people used to overnight walking.