journey is one of Australia’s classic walks guiding people from the edge of Blue Mountains National Park to the majestic Jenolan Caves. Many people choose this as their first overnight hike.

The Six Foot Track, as we know, love and walk it today, was re-established in 1984-5 by the Orange Lands Office to celebrate the track’s 100th birthday.

There are lots of different ways you can approach your time on the Six Foot Track. You can enjoy it is as as a series of day walks, a weekend hike or Inn-to-Inn walk.

Individuals and family groups do not need to book for the walk, however large groups such as School groups should be registered via
Please provide contact details, basic itinerary, dates, number of students or people an

Working out what to eat on your first overnight walk can be hard. Here we have a simple and easy menu that is nutrious and doesn’t mean you have to carry heavy tins of baked beans.

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