Inn-to-inn walking

Walking Inn-to-Inn is very popular in parts of Europe; it is an overnight hike, with a few extra luxuries like a comfortable bed and a lighter pack. With a small amount of pre-planning you can walk the Six Foot Track in this style, staying in accommodation each night. This style of walking is not for everyone, but if you are reading this, thinking ‘that sounds nice’ then give it a go. Below you will find more information on the inns and some suggested itineraries. Inns will come and go and prices will change; make sure you book and chat with your host ahead of time.

Inn-to-Inn walking needs some planning and communication. In your day pack, you will need to carry all the normal things for a remote area day walk and some extra food and a change of clothes for the evening. If you like even more luxury and less weight in your pack, chat with your host about dropping off a bag before the walk.

When talking with your host, please respect their time; we hope they can support walkers on the Six Foot Track for many years to come. When making a booking, discuss what meals you will need. For an extra fee your host maybe able to help with dinner and breakfast, and maybe even organise a pack lunch for you.

Where you need to be picked up, organise an approximate time, then call as you approach the trackhead. You will need a Telstra NextG or satellite phone to have any hope of making phone calls. Try hard to not keep your hosts waiting.

We have listed more accommodation options and details onaccommodation
page.As with all longer day walks you should be prepared for an unplanned night on the track in case things go wrong.

Inn-to-inn iteneries
Standard two night (three day)
Day 1) Explorers Tree to 6FT Lodge: 15.2 km, 6 hrs
Day 2) 6FT lodge to Black Range: 19.5 km 9hrs
Lift to and from Accommodation from Black range campsite to either Duckmaloi Farm OR Melaleuca Mountain Chalets
Day 3) Black Range to Jenolan Caves: 10km, 3.5hrs
Two night (three day) door to door
Day1) Explorers Tree to 6FT Lodge: 15.2 km, 6hrs
Day 2) 6FT lodge to Jenolan Cottages: 25km, 12.5hrs
Day 3) Jenolan Cottages to Jenolan Caves: 4.7km, 1.5 hrs
This option has a particularly long day 2. If you are fit this is doable. This option gives you time to explore Cox River on Day 1 and more time at Jenolan on day 3. It also means you are walking door to door to your accommodation.

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